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Current News & Events - Call Process & RALLY DAY


The call committee continues with its work to prepare for interviews. The next step will include two mock interviews which will take place in the next week or two via Skype and in-person.  After that the actual interviews will begin.  Please continue to pray for our church as we move through this important process.


Please save the date for Rally Day - September 29.

Join us for a fun filled day starting at 9am with Sunday School registration, Rally Day special worship at 10am, lunch, fun and games, and ice cream!

9am - Sunday School registration

10am - Church: Kids to play bells and sing songs.

11ish - Meal

After meal - Outside we will have family games and a water slide.  Inside will be ice cream contest and Bingo.

SUNDAY SCHOOL:  Parents and children please come and register for Sunday School starting at 9am.

WORSHIP:  We will have a special, fun worship service with lots of singing and participation by the children.

The Praise Band will lead the music.

LUNCH:  Food for the lunch is still undecided at this time, but there will be something yummy. Make plans to eat here and stay for the fun after. Watch for announcements about the meal.

ICE CREAM:  Bring your ice cream mix and freezer and we will freeze the ice cream here—or you can have it ready to go if you prefer.

BINGO:  We need small prizes for Bingo winners.  Baked items such as cookies work well put in small bags for prizes. Other prizes for kids and adults as well.

WATER SLIDE:  Bring bathing suits and towels for the kids as we are planning to have a water slide.




Patti Penkert,
Jun 13, 2019, 10:25 AM