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Sunday School and LYO

This link is a good place to go for children's activity pages:

Come join us in Sunday School each Sunday at 9:00am.  We have an Inter-generational Sunday School class (GIFT - Growing In Faith Together) where families can all learn together and celebrate God's love. The children are split into two groups - ages Pre-K and Kindergarten, and grades 1-6.  They open in the Parish Ed building at 9am, followed by a classroom lesson, craft or kitchen lesson from 9:15-9:45. Birthdays are celebrated once a month with cupcakes, and there are many other parties with light breakfast items during the year.  

MUSIC - Bonnie & Mike Brinkmeyer are helping teach the kids songs and playing bells. 

Would you like to help take part in the fun as a teacher or helper? To be a part of helping our kids of all ages grow in their faith, contact Stephanie Schulze.

The Lutheran Youth Organization (LYO) is for Junior High and High School youth ages 14 thru Seniors in High School. They meet at 9am on the 3rd Sunday of each month in the LYO Room.  Catilyn Blakey & Lathan Staal are the leaders.

The Adult Sunday School meets every Sunday in the Adult Sunday School room for Bible study and discussion.

Journey to the Cross

2020 Lent Season


This lent season we will be having a “Journey to the Cross.” Our new “fun” journey will begin on February 26 during our Ash Wednesday Service and continue on each Sunday during our Sunday School class.

We will have a new spot on our journey to introduce each Wednesday at our Lent service and follow up with a learning station each Sunday.  So we encourage every one of all ages to come check out the amazing things that you can learn, feel, and taste on your way thru the “Journey to the Cross.”

 February 26/ March 1-

Customs Station: we will be introducing our ‘Journey’, so stop by and get familiar with our map and passports, this is where you can see where our ‘Journey’ will take you;  be sure to check back in at our customs station each Sunday to redeem your stamp of arrival.

March 4/ March 8 -

Anointing Oil:  come meet Mary of Bethany, she will be telling of how she was the one who was blessed with anointing Jesus, and then each of our special travelers will be anointed also.

Silver Coins: lastly for this day of traveling we will learn about Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, along with some special coins.

March 11/ March 15 -

Washing of the feet: hear the story of the Last Supper and have your hands and feet washed.

March 18/ March 22 -

Last Supper: come join us and taste the foods on the Last supper; unleavened bread, juice, haroset, and horseradish.

March 25/ March 29 -

Praying in the Garden: come join us to hear the story of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, next we will have a prayer of thanksgiving for all that Jesus endured because of his great love for us.

Carrying of the Cross: we will talk about Jesus’ suffering on the cross along with all the things that he was affected by while he was being prepared to sacrifice himself for our sin: the crown of thorns, vinegar, and hammer nails into the cross.

April 1/ April 5

Palms and a Donkey: wave and lay down a path of palms for Jesus’ arrival, also come meet a donkey like the one Jesus rode across the path that was made for him.

April 12

The Tomb: stop by and meet a Roman soldier who was sent to guard our ‘Tomb’ and he will tell us the story of Jesus’ resurrection from his perspective. We will roll away the stone that closed the Tomb and we will finish telling the story to all.

 He is Risen, He is Risen indeed!!!