SUNDAY, January 10, 2021

St. Paul Rehburg will have worship in the parking lot tomorrow morning at 10am, as usual. The icy weather should not get to us until the afternoon. If it is too cold and rainy, Pastor Alvin and those assisting with the service will be inside.

The installation of council, WELCA and Sunday School leaders will still be held, but most likely we will ask those leaders to stay in their cars and honk their horns as a response.

Feel free to run your cars to use the heater during the service, and for those who do not want to get out the online service is available on our website, here on FaceBook, and on YouTube.

If you are in the groups being installed tomorrow, and you do not wish to get out, the installation is not in the current online service, however we will record the live service with the installation. You can watch that one and follow along at home to be installed in a leadership position. I will work on getting it uploaded and posted as soon as i can after worship tomorrow.


Stay tuned to this website and emails for WORSHIP INFO as it becomes available from your church council!

Rules for Inside Seating:

Ø Masks are required at all times, except while taking communion.

Ø The use of hand sanitizer is required before picking up supplies and entering.

Ø Enter and exit only by side door under carport.

Ø Physical distancing is required except for family members.

Ø Seating will begin at the front of the church and proceed toward the back.

Ø Exit will begin from the back of the church and proceed toward the front.

Ø Roped off pews are not to be used.

Ø No singing or reading out loud.

Ø Those over 65 or with underlying health conditions as stated by the CDC are strongly encouraged not to sit inside.

Ø Restroom usage is also discouraged, as is going in the hallway for any other reason.

Ø Offerings should be left in the offering container on the supply table.

Ø All books, pens and attendance cards will be removed from pews. There will be someone taking attendance during the service.

Ø Please bring your communion trash out as you exit. There will be a trash can in the narthex.

Ø Pastor Alvin will be greeting people under the cemetery pavilion only. If you wish to say hello please drive through.

Resolution Allowing Inside Seating During Worship

The Council of St. Paul Lutheran Church of Rehburg hereby resolves that it will allow persons to sit in the sanctuary during worship as of October 11, 2020.

The Executive Committee adopted the following to guidelines.

Consistent with our calling to love and care for one another and for the health of our neighbors, any person choosing to sit in the sanctuary must wear a mask and maintain physical distancing. Those who are ill, have tested positive for COVID-19, or who are in vulnerable populations should refrain from sitting inside during worship. Persons exposed to COVID-19, or who have previously tested positive for COVID-19, must refrain from sitting in the sanctuary until at least two weeks after they have tested negative for the presence of the virus.

Persons who choose to sit inside during worship agree to inform the church promptly if they learn they have been exposed to COVID-19. Notice of COVID-19 exposure should be made by calling or emailing the church office at 979-289-3896 or and should inform us of the relevant date(s) of being seated inside during worship.

The church will then make appropriate, anonymous notifications to others who may have been seated inside on the same date, so they may take appropriate steps to protect their health and safety. The church office will also notify public health authorities and will assist them in any efforts to undertake contact tracing.