Confirmation Class


The first lesson is too big, so you have to download instead of previewing it. Click the DOWNLOAD button, it will start to download into Google Drive. Once finished, click the Downloaded File (bottom left corner of your browser screen. The PowerPoint video will open for viewing. Some of the other lessons with videos in them may come up the same way.

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To watch the lessons open the PowerPoint video, enable editing, and if necessary also enable content. Start the presentation and page down when you finish reading or viewing each slide. If there is a VIDEO you can watch it by clicking on the start button at the bottom of that screen. Some screens will have a SPEAKER ICON, which means they have audio for you to listen to. Click on the speaker to play the audio. When finished, proceed to the next slide. You can proceed to the next slide by using the down arrow or the enter key. After some of the videos you may have to click twice if the first time does not work.

For technical help contact Patti at the office at 979-289-3896. Or after hours at her cell phone 979-277-8273.

For help understanding any of the aspects of the lessons contact Pastor Alvin at 979-451-5052.


Confirmation Family Study

This is a schedule to families of Confirmation students to use for devotions at home each week.

Bible Introduction.pptx

Lesson #1 - Bible Intro

2 - Creation.pptx

Lesson #2 - Creation

2 - Creation Discussion Questions.pptx

Lesson #2 - Creation Discussion Questions

3 - Sin.pptx

Lesson #3 - Sin

3 - Sin Discussion Questions.pptx

Lesson #3 - Sin Discussion Questions

4 - Noah.pptx

Lesson # 4 - Noah

4 - Noah Discussion Questions.pptx

Lesson # 4 - Noah Discussion Questions

5 - Abraham and God's Covenant.pptx

Lesson # 5 - Abraham

6 - Isaac, Jacob, & Esau.pptx

Lesson # 6 - Isaac, Jacob & Esau

7 - Joseph.pptx

Lesson #7 - Joseph

8 - Moses and Pharaoh.pptx

Lesson # 8 - Moses and Pharaoh

9 - Moses in the Wilderness.pptx

Lesson # 9 - Moses in the Wilderness

10 - Joshua, Judges, Ruth.pptx

Lesson #10 - Joshua, Judges, Ruth

11 - Samuel, Saul, David.pptx

Lesson #11 - Samuel, Saul & David

12 - Solomon, Exiles, Prophets.pptx

Lesson #12 - Soloman, Exiles, Prophets

13 - Introduction to Small Catechism.pptx

Lesson #13 - Introduction to the Small Catechism